26 Feb
Build Your Own Burger

Have you ever given it a thought about how important a burger can be in a person’s life? So here’s a thought we’d like to share with all the burgerheads out there, who think that burgers are possibly man-made heaven on earth!
A burger is that faithful companion that celebrates your highs, comforts you in your lows, it satisfies your hunger and never fails to give you a burgasm as you let out a sigh of pleasure once you finish! And imagine, if someone told you that in this wonderland you could pick and choose the ingredients to a perfect burger to get that famous burgasm!
And THIS, dear readers, reminds us of the famous song by Bryan Adams ‘We’re in Heaven’!

So would ya agree, OR would ya agree? Go on, scroll through if you share our sentiments too!


As satisfying as bringing your own booze to a party is, build your own burger is that satisfaction in multifold. The best part about building your own burger is the sudden excitement that fills your heart, making it race as the anticipation of eating the burger gently tickles your belly. So ladies and gentlemen, how about customizing your own burger?

We at Fork You ensure that you get a taste of heaven as you bite into our gourmet burgers. We let you decide how you want it, whenever you want it.

So, how to build your own burger? Let’s get you started…

Burgers at Fork You

Fork You has earned a notable name among the top Hauz Khas clubs and, we are equally delighted to be listed as one of the best family restaurants in Delhi. So, when you think about gourmet burgers at Fork You, it’s important to remember that –

1)  We serve the best burgers in Delhi, hands-down, and
2) Building your own burger is super easy fun!

Moving on, let’s begin helping you build a customized burger to tempt your taste buds.

Step One – Choose your burger

Do you prefer vegetarian over non-vegetarian? Do you prefer pork over fish or chicken over lamb? Get the right proteins for your burger and choose the patty accordingly.

Step Two – Choose your burger size

Do you prefer regular, medium or large? Now, many would agree that the bigger the burger, the more satisfaction they get.

Step Three – Choose your bun

Do you prefer a healthier choice in a bun or does plain work for you? Or would you rather prefer Italian?

A little note here though, keep the bun slightly toasted for added crispiness and it also helps in keeping the condiments in place.

Step Four – Choose your sides

Picking the right side is important too.

Step Five – Choose your cheese

The cheese shouldn’t overpower the taste of your burger, choose the cheese that compliments the taste.

Step Six – Choose your toppings

From coleslaw to lettuce, jalapeno to pickles, zucchini or cucumber, get the texture right & pick your favourite toppings to make your burger yummy!

Step Seven – Choose your sauce

The sauce is a personal preference, while some like it spicy others don’t, some like more mayo while some prefer to go for mustard. So go all out and explore the flavours. Here’s another tip, adding herbs and spices will make a big difference how your burger tastes.

…And VOILA, there you have a perfectly scrumptious burger!

Wherever you are, whatever you do, be in love with the burger. And folks remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but sure as heaven, burgers are!

Disclaimer: This article is in honour of our favourite burger-bae, and dedicated to those who believe that burgers are the best!