Are you looking to party at one of the most sought-after clubs in Delhi?

Whether you’re visiting Hauz Khas Village for the first time or you’re a regular visitor, you must know that no trip to HKV is complete without dropping by at Fork You. Situated in the bustling lane of Hauz Khas Village, Fork You is a prominent retro-themed American resto-bar which is a diner by the day and it also offers a thriving nightlife in Delhi. Its popular theme-night events such as ladies night, corporate night, karaoke etc keep the pulse alive.

Thronged by diners and club dwellers alike, you’d be in for some insanely fabulous times here. Walk-in to gorge on our doubtlessly best burgers in town and explore the exquisite flavours of our mouth-watering dishes.

As you plan an evening out and party to your heart’s content, remember to try the timeless classic cocktails or get smitten with the bold new age mixology, the carefully crafted drinks will win you over.

Talking of drinks brings us to a quick list of pleasing cocktails which you must try at Fork You!

Gibson Cocktail
This showstopper drink is determined to win the hearts of all those brave ones who drink it. It’s a classic martini made with dry vermouth and gin with pickled onion as garnish. Added onion is a differentiating factor which sets it apart from a regular martini.
Gibson cocktail is one of the finest drinks that every cocktail-lover or perhaps a gin lover ought to try.

He who doesn’t love Sangria doesn’t know Sangria because we all believe in the power of this classic drink.
Ridiculously popular in Spain, Sangria has caught up with alcohol-enthusiasts like a house on fire. Simple to make yet potent, it is made with red wine and fruits, juice and zesty lemon.

Vanilla Sugar & Fresh Mint Julep

The classic Mint Julep is the bourbon-based official drink of Kentucky Derby. First created in the 18th century in the southern USA, it still enjoys worldwide popularity.
Switching from the regular version, the improvised Vanilla Sugar & Fresh Mint Julep is made keeping bourbon as its base drink. Brown sugar syrup and vanilla beans are then added to blow your mind away with its delightful taste.

Lynchburg Lemonade
This one comes from the faraway lands of Jack Daniel’s! It is named after Lynchburg, which is home to Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Tennessee. This refreshing tangy drink remains a popular choice in mixed drinks across the world. Made with JD old No 7, triple sec liqueur and freshly squeezed lemon, it gets you addicted to the fine taste. You either haven’t tried it or you ‘absolutely’ love it, there’s no in-between because once you get the taste of this drink, you can’t help but appreciate it.

Marmalade & Cinnamon Daiquiri

A classic fiery Daiquiri cocktail with a twist of cinnamon & a splash of lemon is a perfectly elegant drink. It is made with white rum, orange liqueur, marmalade and sugar syrup which send the taste buds into a tizzy.

Continuing with the deliciousness of mixed drinks, we have a bonus quick and easy recipe for you to try a classic whiskey-based cocktail in American style.

Go on, master this terrific cocktail at home…

Shaggy’s Manhattan

Try this daring dry cocktail made with vermouth and bourbon!

1 fluid ounce sweet vermouth
3 fluid ounces bourbon whiskey
2 dashes bitters
2 maraschino cherries

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in the sweet vermouth and whiskey and splash on 2 dashes of bitters. Shake while counting to 30. Pour into 2 cocktail glasses, garnish each with a cherry and serve immediately.

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