Drinking Games

So, you’re planning to throw a party. You’ve stocked up your bar, planned the right menu and, have the music list in place…Great, but what’s next? Would you like the party to proceed with batshit crazy time with your peeps or let ‘em go home with a bland taste of the evening?

Here’s a quick question you might consider, how would you rather want your party to be remembered as-

A) Just a regular party with some booze & food, nothing fancy!

B) A kickass party with booze, food & great music. You and your friends end up having LIT time with a twist of drinking games.

If you pick B, we’d say you’re a smart person who’s come to the right page.

To those who chose option A, well, no hard feelings here but there’s some catching up to do…why not try something new…try drinking games for your next party?

Whatever category you fall in, here, we bring you a list of classic & insanely fun drinking games you might want to try to liven up your party even more.

But, before you begin the games with high spirits, here’s a rule of thumb to remember- the goofier you get, the more laughable memories you’d end up creating!

Never Have I Ever
This one is an evergreen game which is super fun and can enliven any dull party. The game is not only entertaining, but it also gives you a quick sneak-peek into the minds of your friends. So much can be revealed about the other person in a fun way, so drink up because your secret is about to be spilled out!

The game goes like this, everyone takes a turn to mention something they have never done before, for eg. ‘never have I ever scuba dived’, ‘never have I ever got into cop troubles’. The ones who have scuba dived will drink up, but if nobody has done that, everyone drinks up!

You can keep it as embarrassing and awkward for but all you gotta remember us to keep it super fun.

Who Is Most Likely To?
This game requires no big brains and it is super fun to play. What all you need? Your pack of friends, booze, vivid imagination and a killer wit.

Can’t quite out how to play this one?

Here’s how it goes…Take for example, ‘who is more likely to get arrested’, ‘who is more likely to be caught cheating’ etc, and at the count of three everyone points a finger at the person who they think is most likely to end up in that situation.

The one who gets most fingers pointed at him/her, takes a vodka shot.

As the game progresses, it is sure to leave you in splits. But, remember to keep the questions fun and entertaining for the players.

Talking of drinking brings us to…


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We have also introduced some zesty drinking games to make sure that you have a thrilling time when you visit us.

1) Jenga – Tumbling Tower

Drunk Jenga lists as one of the popular drinking games. How is it played one might wonder!?

It ain’t no rocket science, it’s a normal Jenga with a twist, the regular rules of ‘sober’ Jenga apply here but you may try out different crazy challenges to make it more fun.

The players have to pick up one from the pile using one hand & place it on top of another, you chug your drink if the stack falls.

2) Shooters and Ladders

A rather beloved game for the sober and drunk alike. The game is played much like the original one with a twist of rounds of shooters instead of chutes that the players have to drink up!

3) Spin the bottle – Truth or Dare

Here’s another classic truth or dare game for you, and alcohol makes it even funnier. All you need is booze and an empty bottle to spin, whoever it lands on either has to take a shot of booze.

Once you begin, there’s no turning back because it gets crazier as the stakes get bigger and wilder.

4) Scrabble

You could stick to the rules of the sober game, but think about it, how fun would it be to throw caution to the rules and play it your way!

It’s a fantastic way to challenge the brainy ones when they’re riding high on booze. It’s going to be a blast especially with the kind of words one ends up creating!

As you plan a drinking soiree with your friends at home or at Fork You, try these listed games, you may give them an interesting twist to have an insane party with endless rounds of laughter.

Disclaimer: Please ask your server for the availability of options in board games.
P.S. We always advise cautious while drinking. Hope you have a fabulous time visiting us!