Plan a perfect bachelorette

Oh well, Congratulations if you’re the bride-to-be and planning your own bachelorette, and kudos if you’re the trusted one chosen to do the job.

So imagine this, here comes the bride to be, dressed to kill and all set to let it loose and party wild with the gang of her best girls. How adventurous and fun it sounds, but there’s a lot that goes into planning a kickass bachelorette party, a lot happens behind the curtains to ensure that your girl gets a superb send off to her blissful married life.

Are you running around like a nervous wreck, scratching your head about how to plan the party?

We’ll give you a little heads-up with this article – a quick checklist of things you should keep in mind & the ‘it’ place where you should plan your parties.

Let’s begin, what are the things you should keep in mind?

Yes…oh yes…there are points you mustn’t forget to remember! Go on, make a quick mental note because these tips might come in handy when you plan a sparkly bachelorette party.

– Have a word with the bride, of course if it isn’t a surprise! If not, you’ll have to wear your smartest pants and wear the secretive thinking cap to plan a fun party.

– There’s no concrete rule about when to throw the party, but begin planning at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

– Set a budget for the party.

– Plan a theme, the crazier it is the more fun it is likely to be. However, bear in mind the bride-to-be’s personality, her likes & dislikes, etc.

– Put together a guest list. Keep in mind the people bride-to-be would enjoy having around and the ones she’d like to keep at an arm’s distance. And most certainly you wouldn’t want party poopers around!

– Coordinate schedules, make travel arrangements, and send out the invitations.

– Be your creative best in picking out the right gifts & quirky goodies to decorate.

– Plan fun games, make it about the bride-to-be. Make her feel like a star of the party.

– Plan the menu. Get the food & drinks, and the venue right.

As we talk about the venue, the amazing food and drinks options, and if you’re looking for clubs in Delhi, it brings us to Fork You in Hauz Khas Village!

Fork You

Well why head to Fork You? So here’s the real deal…

Fork You

Nestled in the narrow lanes of HKV is this old school classic American diner and high-end bar. Considered as one of the best clubs in Delhi and the best bet among the hauz khas clubs, Fork You is perhaps one of the hippest place to plan that perfect bachelorette.

The perfect ambience with warm lights, the foot tapping music and scrumptious dishes together make for a good dining and partying experience.

Known for its heavenly steaks and  best burgers in Delhi, you may want to drop in for a visit and fall in love with food like never before. In the meantime, as you work on the checklist for a fabulous bachelorette party, consider adding the below-mentioned dishes on the menu.

Cheese Nachos

A good menu is built as you get the basics right. Booze and munchies go hand in hand, and cheesy nachos is a great choice for a quickie.

Great to munch on and certainly baked with love and oodles of cheese that melts in your mouth. Topped with pico de gallo and spring onion, nachos are served with sour cream.

Chilli Chicken

Get a mouthful of the Orient with this popular appetizer. Chilli chicken is in fact one of the most favoured option for any party menu.

Grilled Chicken Wings

Chicken wings grilled and seasoned to perfection. This popular dish is cooked in hot sauce & barbeque sauce and makes for perfect hot number to earn a place in your menu list.

Pesto Olive Chicken
The melt-in-your-mouth boneless chicken marinated in traditional pesto and topped with olives will tantalize your taste buds. A quick tip for you, pesto tastes well with wine.

Kebab Platter

Take your pick from the vegetarian and the non vegetarian options of affordable and delicious kebab platter. The intense flavours will fire up your appetite.

Tip: Remember to consider the food preference of the bride-to-be.

So, moving on from food, what’s up next?

Drink It Up Right

As much as food is important, let’s not forget that drinks are essential to any bachelorette. Go on, order rounds of shooters & let the drinks flow, because it’s one evening you’d want to drink & dance like no one’s watching.


We welcome you to plan your party with us and let your hair down with your girl gang.

At Fork You, you can brace up for one of the liveliest parties you’ll remember fondly over the years.

Ladies, remember, a bachelorette is perhaps one of the rare fun adult parties which you’re going to remember all your life, and it certainly isn’t meant to be a tell-all, which is why we say, what happens at Fork You, remains at Fork You, if you know what we mean!

Here’s a parting tip for you, as you plan out the details, don’t forget to make the reservations in time.

Happy planning to you!