Fork You Burgers

Eating burger is therapy and making a good burger is like creating art.

The ones who nod in unison and understand the sentiment behind this heavy duty statement are burger lovers. They are those wonderful people who understand the gratification of biting into that perfectly crunchy burger.

Is there a secret to good burgers? The simple answer is ‘yes’!

So, listen up burger lovers, with this blog we crack the ’perfect burger code’ with some great tips for you to make those drool-worthy burgers at home.

Let’s get started…

– So, there are many types of buns in the world – plain, sesame, flavoured, wholegrain, potato, English muffin, etc.

– The secret to perfect buns is that they are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

– While some like them all buttered up, some don’t, so you can choose how you want them to be.

Here are three ways you can treat the buns for a supremely delectable burger-

The taste and texture get better when the buns are slightly toasted on the grill.

– Butter up the two halves and grill them for 10-15 seconds for slightly charred buns.


You can easily bake them at around 350°F to get light & toastier buns.

Stove Pan

– Once you cut the burger buns into two halves and butter them, place them in the heated pan till they become light golden brown.

– Check them every 30 seconds lest you burn them at high flame.


– The patty should not be dry and the consistency should but proper. Whether your choice is vegetarian or meat, the patty should not crumble.

– Before cooking, thumb-press the patty and while cooking, do not press down the patty as it may break and the juices spew out leaving the patty dry. Once you remove the grilled/seared patty, you should let it cool for 5-6 minutes.

– A vital point to keep in mind is not to cut the patty to check whether the burger is cooked or not, squeeze the sides instead.

– Salting the meat before cooking makes the burger juicy.


– People have different preference when it comes to selecting cheese for sandwiches and burgers.

– You could be adventurous with it and can even mix up different cheeses to create a distinct taste for your burger. While it should be melted all the way, most people do not melt the cheese.

– Another tip to remember is to use grated cheese instead of slices, as it melts quicker and better.


– For a burger to be good, adding the right toppings is equally important as the cooking process.

– Fresh veggies make it crispier and yummier, for example, pick the juicier & crunchier tomatoes and crisp lettuce.

Moving on to the sauces, they must complement the taste and flavours and bring the burger together.

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Why are Fork You burgers heavenly?

Our chefs work their magic with the freshness of buns, get the rich flavour of the patty, pick the right cheese, add complementary toppings and sauces to create scrumptious gourmet burgers.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and to add to your sublime experience, we offer customization of burgers. You can easily build your own heavenly burger in the following seven simple steps-

It begins with choosing your burger, moving on to picking the burger size, then choosing the bun followed by selecting the sides, cheese, toppings and ends with choosing your sauce.

…And that’s how you build your own little paradise. This gives you another reason to drop in at Fork You as you visit Hauz Khas Village visit, to enjoy the effervescent and extended state of delightful burgasms.