Summer Cocktails To Try At Home

Sizzling summer has crept in, and the sun’s blazing evermore. A great way to fix the summer blues is to enliven your evenings with some chilled beers or mix up fabulous cocktails to beat the inescapable heat.

Beer lovers take heart! We understand that your love for beer knows no bounds, but as tempting as that chilled beer sounds, nothing beats the feeling of cooling it off with a refreshing cocktail in the balmy summer evenings.

With this article, we bring you a list of cocktails you might love to try at home. Whether you are planning a weekend soiree or you wish to sip on a great summer cooler with a buzz, these cocktails are going to call for more refills.

So as you wrap up a hectic week and celebrate the spirit of summer with these ridiculously delicious and thirst quenching cocktails.

Elyx Cup

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A truly refreshing vodka-based cocktail offers a great respite in summers and is super easy to make. Whizz it up with cucumber, mint, lime juice, prosecco and vodka to get the refreshingly cooling drink.

Bay Breeze Aka Sea Breeze

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As breezy as its name, this vodka-blend with cranberry-grapefruit juice is a great-tasting classic summertime cocktail that one ought to try. The cocktail was first created in the late 1920s, the recipe, however, was different from the present-day concoction. So go on, treat yourself to a glass of this breezy wonder.

Tequila Sunrise

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This pretty looking fruity and citrusy cocktail is super easy to make. The original Tequila Sunrise was created in 1930s-1940s in Phoenix and in the early 1970s, the modern version of the drink was created in Sausalito. The infamous tequila-based drink of the rock ‘n roll culture has now gained popularity as a summer cocktail. It is served in highball or collins glass.

Watermelon Pina Colada

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Watermelon is one of the favourite fruits in summers, you can have it as it is, add it in a salad or create a delicious cocktail, it doesn’t cease to be delightfully delicious & reinvigorating. Add it to your all-time-go-to Pina Colada because it makes the tropical cocktail even more irresistible. 

Tomato Mojito

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Brighten up your table with this gorgeous-looking cocktail that also tastes divine! This ain’t your regular mojito, it’s a mojito with an interestingly exquisite twist. Made with grape tomatoes, mint, lime and tequila, this drink is a great way for summer entertaining.

Mermaid Lemonade

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Get into the perfect summer mode sipping on the Mermaid Lemonade lounging by the poolside, or a sea-themed party, or even during the summer shenanigans with your gang. Blue Curacao, white rum and lemonade are primary ingredients used to make this tropical cocktail.

Whether you decide to wow your guests or chill alone in your pyjamas on a scorching Sunday,  be sure to grab that shaker and mix up the drinks to try your hand at these refreshing cocktails.

A fantastic thing about making a cocktail is that you get to experiment with the ingredients, and you can tone up or town down the sweet and the sour. So, gear up…because you never know when you might end up creating a truly refreshing boozy treat and flooring your guests at the next soiree.

A quick parting tip: If you’re planning to make these cocktails for a gathering, it is advisable to prepare them in batches ahead of the party. It not only saves time, but it also allows you to serve and entertain your guests in a hassle-free manner.